About Us


Communication infused with actionability and insight:
In real time, live, recorded, or at anyplace

We are a lean team super-powering communication,
passionate about our mission.

Our Virtual Attendee boosts meeting ROI
by capturing verbal communication information automagically,
without typing or being present.

Our Note Maker generates meeting notes inside your existing meeting app,
saving important moments effortlessly.

You get a shareable link to all the contents usable at any time.

Your expertise about participants and topics grows with every interaction.

You keep moving forward with in-context actions, referencing any utterance.

Our Values



Contact Us

Contact us if you would like to be considered for a position or are curious and want to learn more.

You can expect to have a phone and friendly video meeting where you can screen-share your work if you like. This is followed by a brief trial period where you work on something new. We are HQ in California and we can often accommodate remote work.